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Bring Back That Lost Sparkle to Your Floor with Strip & Seal Cleaning Services Brisbane

Strip and Seal Services Brisbane

Are your vinyl or linoleum floors looking tired and worn? Or, you are looking to extend the wear of your floor? No matter the reason, using strip and seal services in Brisbane is the first thing you should do. At Tom’s Cleaning Services, we take exceptionally good care of your floors with proper sealing and care.

With time, the floors fade color with abrasions and attract a lot of grease, thereby making the floor look ugly. Don’t fret! Depending on how shoddily the floor is, we reseal or seal the vinyl. Also, we scrub the surface with marvelous shine.

Our Floor Maintenance Services Include:

  • Office Floor Strip and Seals

  • Warehouse Floor Strip and Seals

  • Shop Floor Strip and Seals

  • Commercial Floor Strip and Seals

  • Hospital Floor Strip and Seals

All of our experts are licensed and undergo intensive training for strip & seal cleaning in Brisbane. Backed by years of experience vinyl floor stripping and sealing, we know that it is not a difficult task to undertake. However, if not done right, the floor can look dull and bumpy. It can even endure wear and tear in no time and get dirty quickly.

Why is Vinyl Floor Stripping and Sealing Important?

Strip and seal floor care in Brisbane is a highly effective way to protect your floor from scuffs, scratches, and erosion from heavy foot traffic. If you want to stay on top of your vinyl floor maintenance, having an expert cleaner from Tom’s Cleaning Services perform the stripping and sealing of your floors in your Brisbane property will be your best bet.

How Do We Take Care of Vinyl Floors?

Stripping out the shabby polish

Mopping the floor to ensure a surface in spotless condition

Buffing up and sealing the floor to a new and sparkling finish

Polishing the floor to get rid of grime and residue


Vinyl floors may lose their lustre if they are not provided with much-needed care and attention. This is why it is important to work with a professional that can bring them back to a near new look by stripping and sealing them. Vinyl is a great option for flooring, especially for those places that experience heavy foot traffic, or are more prone to liquid spills.

Our Vinyl Cleaning and Sealing Process

When it comes to vinyl cleaning and sealing of your floor, we follow the below-mentioned process.

  • Inspection
  • Area Preparation
  • Dry Soil Removal
  • Stripping the Floor
  • Agitation
  • Cleaning, Neutralizing and Drying
  • Sealing

Keeping your vinyl floor covering spic and span is not only attention-grabbing, but it is a crucial safety measure as well. Grimy, worn vinyl floors can be slippery under foot. When you see a newly sealed floor, there are no chances of suffering a fall. The sealer provides a slip resistant surface and as that suffers from wear and tear; the floor becomes risky to walk on.

Why Work with Tom’s Cleaning Services?

Working with us reliable and efficient strip & seal cleaning in Brisbane is a smart move, because we:

  • Are WHS Compliant
  • Are Fully Insured
  • Have High-quality and Latest Equipment
  • Offer Affordable Prices
  • Offer a Wide Range of Services
  • Have a Checklist for Cleaners
  • Offer No Lock-in Contracts

Contact Tom’s Cleaning Services at (07) 3485 0802, if you are looking for results-oriented vinyl floor cleaning, stripping and sealing.